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What is the Academic Pipeline Project?

The Academic Pipeline Project (APP) is a major knowledge transfer and outreach initiatives within the STEM-US Center sponsored by the National Science Foundation. Specifically, these diversity programs (e.g. summer research programs, course-based research, experiential learning opportunities, and bridge programs) support and propel members of the HBCU community along their educational journey. The Academic Pipeline Project serves as an online comprehensive resource guide that illustrates research, career, and life preparation initiatives. This project utilizes an interactive, national GIS mapping database containing STEM academic pipeline programs housed at HBCUs.

T.H.R.I.V.E. Components

  • Type (T) Where it falls in the pipeline structure
  • History(H) Context, milestones, longevity, educational outcomes
  • Research (R) Research preparation and program components
  • Identity/Inclusion (I) use of these programs to create an inclusive environment & build identity for program participants
  • Voice (V) how each program creates a positive environment for students to enhance their voice
  • Expectations (E) Expectations illustrate the evaluative components of initiatives, providing outcomes and results of programming


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